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Endurance launches an Alzheimer’s disease chatbot project with 4 US colleges.

It is fully open source project.

Our goal: Create an open source robot (chatbot) companion for senior and Alzheimer’s sick people based on Botlibre platform.

Our mission: help sick and senior people to feel better by avoiding loneliness.

We invite, doctors, researches, senior people) and enthusiasts to join our social project!
If you want to join, simply email me: and you may view our working folder on Google Drive:

Full research plan in PDF.

We are going to make a chatbot based on platform.
Endurance ist responsible for coding and making a bot itself. Of course if anyone would like to help with coding, please let me know.
For urgent questions, you can reach my in skype: George.fomitchev or whatsapp, viber, telegram, +79162254302

Read our white paper about chatbot for Alzheimer’s sick people.

We believe that our technology will help senior and sick people!
Let’s do good things!

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