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Pilot Endurance Chatbots

During November 2017 the Endurance startup implemented a number of commercial pilot projects. Here we are going to tell about the most interesting of them. They are: a chatbot telling about stretched ceilings, a chatbot searching for job vacancies, a chatbot for interviewing, a news chatbot, an information chatbot, a chatbot for the ICO INS World project.

The chatbot telling about stretched ceilings.

The chatbot answers questions using our database of knowledge containing over 150 pairs of questions and answers. In the result of the five-staged testing the accuracy of answers increased up to 90%.
To train the chatbot we used the ParaPhraser system and the chatbot’s answers to similar questions. It increased the accuracy of answers from 60% to 90%.

Budget: 500$
Web demo version:
Demo version on Telegram: @Vike_chatbot

The chatbot searching for job vacancies

The main task of the chatbot is searching for suitable job vacancies using the inner database of the HR agency. Key vacancies are creative occupancies in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
The chatbort has a limited but rather efficient functionality.

Budget: 400$
Web demo version:
Demo version on Telegram: @John_chatbot

The chatbot for interviewing

The chatbot was commissioned to solve the problem of personnel selection. The institution has a database containing 10000 potential candidates. It is necessary to choose most ambitious among them for further work.
The chatbot speeds up the process of the applicants selection from the potential candidates.

We plan to add to the chatbot’s functions new ones, such as: search by various job vacancies, setup of the notification of the applicant about new vacancies via Telegram and much more.
Budget: 650$.
Web demo version:
Demo version on Telegram: —

The news chatbot

A closed project of one of the FMCG companies. The main task is to create an inner corporative portal for employees on Telegram to publish news, send out materials, etc.
The access if granted by a phone number or PIN-code.
Budget: confident.
Web demo version: —
Demo version on Telegram: —

The information chatbot

A closed chatbot for a FMCG company to promote its production via Telegram.
To view photo and video materials, to get motivating stickers, to subscribe to push notifications, and, most importantly, to do searching in the nearest salespoint found via geotargeting.
Budget: confidential.
Web demo version: by request.
Demo version on Telegram: by request.

The chatbot for ICO INS World project

The main task is search and answers to FAQs relating to the project, ICO, blockchain, crypto, etc.
Answers to FAQs in English are taken from the inner database of knowledge of the customer.
The system is trained with the help of the English version of the service:
Budget: 0.15 BTC
Web demo version:
Demo version on Telegram: @InsChatbot

More details

If you want to know more about Endurance chatbots, just speak with our chatbot or place an order via it to create one of your own by writing: “Order a chatbot”.
The chatbot also answers questions about chatbots, what are they, what they are intended for, how much it costs to develop them, and the like.
Web demo version: