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Plans for the development of robots Endurance for Q1 2018.

Endurance resumes active work on robots.

In the 1st quarter 2018 Endurance plans to make a new version of the robot — the waiter (AndyBot) and the small robot Rash 4.

Functions for completion of the robot — the waiter.
1. Compatibility with work with tablets Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Android ver. 5+
2. Finalization of the graphical interface for controlling robots from Windows 7/8/10 + creating a web-based robot control room remotely.
3. Collect and transfer parametric data and transfer back to the operator: battery level, speed, etc.
4. The presence of an expansion port for connecting an additional control module for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an external camera and so on.
5. Add a follow-me function to the person «follow me» through infrared or ultrasonic sensors.
6. Adding a detour function.
7. Adding the autopilot function and the ability to move from point A to point B.

Description of the robot Rash 4.
1. Robot Rash 4 will be fully controlled with the help of Oculus rift glasses and analogues.
2. Robot Rash 4 will have expansion ports for connecting an additional control module for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, external camera and so on.
3. The video image from the camera will be completely transmitted from the local robot camera to the virtual reality glasses of the operator.
4. The robot Rash 4 will have a crawler or wheelbase, depending on the modification.
5. The approximate size of the chassis will be 30 * 20 * 10 cm (length * width * height)
6. The weight of the robot will be 1 — 2 kg.