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WanHao DuPlicator i3 combo (3D printer, laser engraver and laser cutter)

Advantages of Endurance WanHao DuPlicator i3 combo unit

3D printer,
laser cutter,
laser engraver
Assembled and tested
Energy efficient
Very easy to
run and operate
Very reliable

Choose the model you like with 2.1W / 3.5W / 5.6W / 8W laser on board.

Wanhao new 1
Wanhao new 2
Wanhao new 3
Wanhao new 4
Wanhao new 5 (box)
Wanhao new 6
Wanhao new 7 smaller
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver


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Do nice 3D-printing models and laser cutting and laser engraving on Endurance WanHao DuPlicator combo unit.

darth vader new 1
leather new 1
leather new 2
maker new 1
soft wood new 1
table new 1
cardboard new 1
wood new 1
box 2-2
box 3-2
deer depp engraving-2
girl and a cat-2
christmas collage
love santa
winter collage
glass 1
glass 2
maser yoda
star wars-Edit
bird 1
love 1
love and home 2
tablet 3
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
Wanhao diode laser cutter / engraver
bread and salt


Do you need a inexpensive engraving machine (engraver) + a modern user-friendly 3D-printer as a bonus?

Now you have an opportunity to buy a perfect laser engraving and cutting machine combined with a 3D printer.

2.1W (2100 mW) / 3.5W (3500 mW) / 5.6W (5600 mW) / 8W (8000 mW) / 8.5W (8000 mW) / 10W (10000 mW) lasers are available on board! With Endurance WanHao combo you can easily and quickly engrave, make markings and inscribed gifts.

The Endurance laser engraving and cutting device with installed on a 3D printer WanHao DuPlicator i3 will turn your working place into a mini engraving workshop.

  • The Endurance laser engraver is a user-friendly device. It can engrave on various surfaces including glass, stone, leather, annodized aluminum.
  • To make an engraving yesterday you had to approach an advertising agency or a special engraving workshop. Endurance makes engraving more affordable and convenient.
  • a 3D printer Wanhao DuPlicator i3 and an Endurance diode laser 2.1 W for engraving and 3.5W, 5.6W, 8W, 8.5W, 10W for laser cutting is ready for shipment.


So, you can cut and engrave almost on any surface.

Laser cut *: Laser engraving:
Acrylic (depends on a laser power)
Fabric Fabric
Felt Felt
Hardboard Hardboard
Cardboard Cardboard
Wood (depends on a laser power)
Plywood (depends on a laser power)
Paper Paper
Aluminum (depends on a laser power)
Create your own PCB

* If you are not sure ask us about material if our laser cutting / engraving machine can cut it or not


Package Contents

Here are the items that should be found in the Endurance WanHao Duplicator i3 package:
  • The Duplicator i3
  • Single Step exstruder MK10
  • 1x spool holder
  • Hex Wrench and bolt Kit
  • 1 x SD card
  • 2 x Wanhao platform tape
  • 10 meters PLA filament
  • 1 x Power supply cable
  • 1 x USB A to B cable
  • 1 x filament stand
  • 2.1W / 3.5W / 5.6W / 8W / 8.5W / 10W installed laser



Safety Information

Caution: The Duplicator i3 generates high temperatures and includes moving parts that can cause injury. Never reach inside the Duplicator i3 while it is in operation, and allow time for the Duplicator i3 to cool down after operation.

wanhao duplicator i3

The Duplicator i3 is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Make sure you don't have a static charge on you by touching a grounded object before operating The Duplicator i3 or attempting any adjustments. If opening the Duplicator i3 for service, ensure that the power supply is turned off and the cord is disconnected.


The Duplicator i3 will now guide you through initial setup and your first print. You should see a WANHAO LOGO on the LCD screen. 2.2

There is one black aluminum button beside the LCD screen. Turn and push to navigate and make selections.

wanhao duplicator i3

Then this guide will help you to level the platform, load filament, and start a test print.

Follow the following instructions to set up your Duplicator i3 for the first time! And remember, if anything goes wrong, or things aren't happening the way this guide says they should, check out the Troubleshooting page or get in touch with Support.

Leveling Your Platform


Pay close attention: leveling your platform is very important to print quality!

First navigate to Quick Setting---Home All. The extruder should move to left bottom side of printer.

wanhao duplicator i3

Color Print Speed: 100mm/s

Model Number: Endurance WANHAO Duplicator I3

Structure Material: full metal frame

Printing Filament: ABS and PLA

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

File Format: STL,G-Code

Z Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.004mm

XY Axis Positioning: 0.012mm

Extruder diameter: 0.4mm (customized 0.3mm/0.5mm)

Max Paper Size: 200*200*180mm

Print Speed: 40-100 mm/s

For more information visit and read:

Warning: Remember DO NOT look at the laser light without protective glasses as it might cause serious harm to health. The new laser is more powerful and effective than the previous! Users must wear safety goggles!


Tech features




Power output 2.1W (2100 mW) / 3.5W (3500 mW) / 5.6W (5600 mW) / 8W (8000 mW) / 8.5W (8500 mW)/ 10W (10000 mW)
Maximum engraving speed 0.8 - 2 inch / sec
Maximum cutting speed (0.04 inch of a cardboard) 0.1 - 0.25 inch / sec
Maximum cutting depth (plywood) 0.1 - 0.3 inch
Maximum cutting depth (acrylic) 0.1 - 0.2 inch
The maximum height of the workpiece not more than 8 inch
Maximum cutting / engraving area 8 X 8 inch
The accuracy of engraving (grain) 0.004 inch
Compatible software Cura, Repieter host
Lifetime More than 1000 hours
Operating conditions -20 C - +40 C
Cooling air
Power input 110 / 220 Volts
Average energy consumption ~30-50W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 15 X 15 X 15 inch
The weight ~ 30 pounds
Mount Does not require
Focal length 1 - 4 inch
Features Combo: 3D printer, laser engraver and laser cutter. Three in one
Limitations Can not cut transparent, ceramic and metalic things
Average delivery pricing 50-80$ world wide shipping


World wide delivery Always in stock

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Looking for a better deal? Let us know.
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