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Create your own fully 3D printed practical mobile driven robot!

Endurance Robots Educational DIY Robotics Program. Programmable robots for education.

For Everyone - DIY robots for beginners, intermediate and higher education
Amazing value - Less than $100!
Programmable - Based on Arduino hardware
Highly compatible - Easy integration with other robots
Easy to operate - Simple Remote control, Follow me (self-tracking) and Demo functions

DIY SelfieBot is a self-build robotic kit that is designed for students and colleges, and for self taught and young hobbysts, to improve their skills in robotics. We provide a full introduction and an extended guidance on how to make a robot with your own hands.

Practical learning tools for classrooms, robotics teams, science projects, self learning (DIY), talented students, hackathons and more.

To create your robot you need
Why is our DIY robotics kit unique?
What are the benefits of our DIY robotics kit?
Participating DIY Robotics Community Members
How we can help you:
Where can you use your SelfieBot?
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Become part of a friendly robotics engineering community!

We are a team of enthusiasts who want to help students and beginners all over the world become closer to robotics engineering.

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Already working with us
  • 5 US colleges (incl. FSU, FGCU)
  • 1 Russian college (MAMI)
  • 3 Individual enthusiasts
DIY Selfiebot videos
DIY SelfieBot
DIY SelfieBot teaser.
Getting started
Assembled device
Software screen shots
DIY Selfiebot features Access to
a 3D printer
Electronics ? Interest in learning
about robotics
Inexpensive electronics parts Friendly support team Fully 3D printed Open source Practical Gain practical knowledge and
experience by creating your
own personal robot
Simple construction and controls
make DIY Selfiebot KITs
perfect for all abilities
Free to customise and
personalise your robot
Show off your engineering
skills and ideas
A practical robot that you
can use in your daily life
Ideal for your school,
science or research projects
We assist you with any
questions you may have
We provide you with video, photo and
text with tutorials to help get you started.
We provide you with 3d models,
firmware, software sources,
list of electronic parts
We share updates and
upgrades with you
We help you showcase
your assembled SelfieBot
You have assembled
your own robot
Photo and program
screen shots
SelfieBot KITs
are available to buy
Begin Assembly

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