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Educational DIY Telepresence robot Offer*
Endurance has created an opportunity to take part in our beta testing pilot DIY program. For more information on capabilities and technical specs click here
* limited time offer and free pilot does not include shipping and tax costs etc.

The caller is actually there and see what you can see, moving along with you

Why do it?

Do you remember when video conferencing firs became reality? Now you can not only see the caller, you can interact with the caller through movement in space.
It’s like magic. The caller is actually there and can see what you see.
Telepresence robot system gives video conferencing another dimension and creates a feeling of real presence. You and your caller will no longer need to sit in front of the camera, or keep your phone or table in your hands.
Fixed on a bar Telepresence robot camera system allows you to choose the other party’s angle of communication and create a comfortable position. In addition, it can move freely around you. It gives the illusion of being in the same space.

Main advantages

The device
Freedom of movement
during intercourse
4 sensors provide
continuous monitoring of the movement
Easy to fold and transferred

Telepresence robot will help you

attend conference
To meet customers
or sell property
and maintain the online broadcast
Supervise and inspect
In medical institutions
Be in two places at the same time

Take the future into his arms

  • Now it is very easy to work with and communicate with people in absentia. You can work from anywhere, leaving the robot where you need to be.
  • Communicate with your customers, listen to them, speak from any corner of the earth with them.
  • This is a new way to conduct video conference. Now there is no need to sit in front of the camera. You can move, and the other person will follow you.
  • If you need somewhere to attend, but you can not ask someone to bring to your robot Telepresence robot, and you will be there.
  • If you need to make a presentation, but you're not able to do it personally, Telepresence robot robot will help solve the problem.

Order Telepresence robot now

We will deliver it anywhere in the world


Endurance’s unique solution is based on using energy-efficient technologies for the telepresence robot control system, which does not require any special or additional software. We did not invent a new communication device; we did not create a new operation system to control the robot; we did not create a new microcontroller to control the wheel platform. We just modified existing solutions and made it easy to use.

We took an ordinary Android tablet, put it on wheels, and made it work. The tablet moves on an ultramodern wheel platform made by Endurance.

How does it work?

The first step to make it work is to download the LinPhone application on your computer, phone or tablet. Our system is already equipped with an ASUS Nexus tablet and has LinPhone preinstalled. LinPhone program is a free (open source) communications application. The telepresence rig is controlled via LinPhone. To do so, just open the keypad to dial a number (located next to the icon “call”). LinPhone uses the SIP protocol similar to Google Hangouts, Viber, Skype, etc.


We plan to make the telepresence robot compatible with all popular communication programs and create an application that will control the robot autonomously, regardless of the communication program.

It is possible to control the robot either via a local network and or via the Internet.

We are working on modifying LinPhone to allow for making calls within a network (peer to peer connection) without an Internet connection.


The safe use of the telepresence robot is an important issue for us. Don’t worry, the robot does not (yet) have a mind of its own and is not able to make its own decisions, and move on its own accord. We are not working on making this happen, so you can be assured it is completely safe.

The telepresence rig will neither run over you or do you any harm. It is equipped with 4 sensitive sonars (sensors), which effectively scan the space while moving. If it senses an obstacle ahead, the system automatically stops. It monitors its movements constantly.

Do I need an internet connection?

This is an important issue for many clients, especially for those who have no LTE.

Currently, the proposed tablet works with WIFI. If you install your own Android tablet that supports 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, then your telepresence robot will operate using any Internet connection. If you have no tablet you can use a mobile phone for an Internet connection; just connect the phone to an existing WiFi connection to provide Internet access to the robot. Once the robot is connected to the Internet, you can make calls and manage the system.

The audio and video signal quality will depend on the quality of the connection .


An important aspect of the reliability and quality of our telepresence system is its energy efficiency. There is no need for complex computing power for our system to work We use an effective micro-controller to control the wheel platform, which in turn is connected to the Android tablet through mini USB and Android Debug Mode. This kind of connection is much more reliable and stable than Bluetooth.

Currently, we use a ASUS Nexus tablet, which we have done all our testing on.

We plan to expand the list of the recommended tablets and develop a budget version of the solution (without a tablet) soon.

ASUS Nexus tablets are quite effective and fully comply with the requirements of the Internet video calls.


We provide a full one year warranty while we work with our clients to resolve any issue remote or replace the unit if required.

Signal quality and video

By using LinPhone as an established communications platform, we are able to provide our users with the best possible image and sound quality. We do not need to reinvent already existing audio and video codecs. LinPhone will continue to enhance their platform and Telepresence will always stay up to date when it comes to audio and video quality.

Our strength lies in the customisation of the wheel platform and the ability to customise any rig to our client’s specific needs.


Using a 4 wheel chassis, our platform is very stable. The more wheels, the more stable the platform. The next generation of Telepresence will make use of a digital gyroscope to enhance the platform even more, especially on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Currently we recommend using the device indoors.


At present the system has no external speakers. The sound is produced by the ASUS Nexus tablet. In nearest future we will offer external Bluetooth speakers attached to our system and an external Bluetooth microphone to improve the sound quality.

Specifications of the Endurance telepresence robot

  • 4 wheels, 2 leading;
  • Microcontroller to control the wheel platform;
  • 4 ultrasonic sonars;
  • Polymeric plastic wheels;
  • Battery: 12 Volt 7 Amp-hours;
  • Tablet: ASUS Nexus;
  • Details are printed on the 3D printer;
  • Platform weight: 12 kg.

Can be easily disassembled and folded. You can put it in your bag and take it with you.

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