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ChatBots: The Internet of People is the thing of the retail future

The Russian Еndurance robots company develops ChatBots for retail to help Internet shops remarkably increase sales. The founder and head of the startup George Fomichev told the portal about most promising projects of his team.

According to G. Fomichev, Еndurance robots is working on the ChatBot for an e-store selling fruits and vegetables from Thailand.
E-store customers are mostly young mothers. They have too little time to go shopping so have to buy necessary things while their babies are sleeping. That’s why the retailer wants to improve its service and make it more customer-friendly with the help of a virtual companion.

As George explains, “Our goal is to develop a tool for ordering goods without visiting the e-store website. You do everything in the messenger of Telegram, Facebook, Twitter or Viber.

All you need is to add the e-store ChatBot to friends and inform it about your needs. The ChatBot processes the request, forms the order, and the order goes to the customer. The customer can track the order delivery. All this is done very quickly and in real time.”

The ChatBot also offers individual discounts, novelty products, etc.
“The solution development for the mentioned e-store – admits George Fomichev – will take about a fortnight. We’ll need about the same period of time for its integration and pilot.”
The head of Endurance thinks that it’s too early to speak about the ChatBot effect, but his expectations are quite positive. The world practice shows that virtual companions increase the number of customers by times. Accordingly, the profit grows.

Еndurance robots also develops the ChatBot for “Megaphone-retail” (Мегафон-ритейла). The company plans to use it for recruitment in order to relieve the hr-services, which waste 70-80% of their working time for initial screening of job applicants on the basis of the resume analysis. The routine job is for the ChatBot. It will operate on the basis of one of the messengers.

One more interesting focus area of Еndurance robots is development of ChaBots for banks. Particularly, for Sberbank. They are intended for the operative customer support.
George believes that ChatBots is a growing trend in the retail sphere. Hype, even. It belongs to the future. It will form the Internet of People. This is where people communicate online with each other and robots by way of normal speech.

Еndurance robots has started working on ChatBots this year. It has already implemented 15 demo versions of virtual companions, four of which are for-profit. The company has many promissing ideas to market.